Craig and Matt volunteering with Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance

Project 529 started in 2003 to compete as a team in local DH races. Being a grassroots race team, we upheld the belief that MTB is a sport by the community, for the community.

These days, 529 Legion volunteers countless hours and donates generously to coaching two middle school and high school teams in the Washington Student Cycling League, hosts 529 Legion specific trail building parties while donating funds to create more trails, and participates in the local race series: BuDu cross country, Cascadia Dirt Cup enduro, NW Cup downhill, and NW Epic Series endurance races.

We gather together for community events, stage races, xc events, and crazy long weekend training rides. We take incredible photos of our bikes and gear, and we put it out there on social media.



With 45 members coming from different backgrounds, we’re an extended family of riders. 529 Legion is comprised of riders between the ages of 11 and 57, different cultures, religions, and genders. We have folks who have ridden for 20+ years and some who are in their second year of cycling. While we are diverse in our backgrounds we share the love of two wheels on dirt.

We’ve ridden at Soaring Eagle State Park in the suburbs of Seattle in the Budu series and hosted so many cold, wet new friends in our tent at the venue.

We’ve ridden at Dry Hill in Port Angeles for the NW Cup and ridden in the back of panel trucks with other DH riders while showing them how incredibly our bikes and gear hold up to the terrain.

We’ve ridden in 7 in states and 5 countries far from home as our members have moved and traveled. We’ve endured some seriously wet and cold miles as we trained for the NW Epic Series.

We’ve ridden most of those miles while hosting 48 weekly Thursday Night Rides in our area inviting new riders from the area to join us after work for a great end to the day.