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We work nine to five but we live 529 It's time to Rise Explore Ride Dig Wrench Race Crash Learn Teach Inspire Repeat

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From team tents to podiums, group rides to races to coaching the next generation we stand out and step up.

We are up to running two Washington Student Cycling League teams. Tina Sarin leads the Lake Washington team and Mike Kunz started the Seattle team. 

We participated in some big multiday epic races again this year, Breck Epic and Swiss Epic, and also expanded our racing to the EWS challenger race in Whistler. And of course we are active participants in all our local races. 

We remain a diverse group with both youth riders and of of course our Ladies Legion.

Thanks again for supporting us in 2017. We hope we can continue supporting each other in 2018.




Bike thieves suck

Joe's got two Bronsons. We were having pizza and meanwhile Joes bike was stolen. From his car. In the parking lot. Three large pizzas for the table and the bike was locked to his bikerack with a wimpy lock and his car was parked right next to two other cars with bikes on the back. But those bikes were yellow. Highly recognizable. And his Bronson was black. His new Bronson is magenta. His old Bronson had a Project 529 shield. And that is how he got it back. The thieves brought the bike into a bikeshop who recognized the shield and figured it probably wasn't all good and managed to keep the bike overnight and called the police. All this didn't happen right away. Joe had already gotten a new bike from his insurance. So now he's got two Bronsons, the insurance company didn't want the new one back, and the thieves have none. And we all bought more locks. Bigger locks. ABUS locks.


thanks for 2018

see you in 2019